Upcoming: Densehall at Chez Jacki

With genuinely exciting musical offerings sometimes few and far between in Berlin, it is nice to have something other than Berghain sundays to look forward to. When said ‘something other’ includes no other than Sweden’s avant-garde techno-punk Oni Ayhun, as well as semi-Ostguteer Voltek and Berlin’s Strobocop, you better get damn excited. Thrown by Densehall as their 9th installment, the party’s focus is sure to be on an eclectic mix of experimentalism and dancefloor-freindlier material, for which intimate venue Chez Jacki is going to be the backdrop this Friday. Although the club’s sound system is slightly below par, I’m hoping these issues are going to get sorted for this week’s soiree.

Personally, Oni Ayhun is the biggest draw as his sketchy soundscapes have not only made up the very top of my ‘top of’ lists the past three years running, but he’s blessed my ears with his The Knife productions since the tender age of 17. The fact that this is going to be a one-off show making use of surround a/v elements and the news that work on a new The Knife album is going to commence shortly, only make the deal a whole lot sweeter. Expect some weird and wonderful moments and prepare to be Ayhuned!

Densehall no. 9 will take place at Chez Jacki this Friday 11pm for a mere 8 Euros. Be There or be Square!

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