Review: Blawan – Getting Me Down

Good luck trying to resist the temptation of hitting the repeat button on your iTunes — well, technically it’s a vinyl only release — once you’ve come into the pleasure of hearing Blawan’s new offering, Getting Me Down, for the first time. The formula here might not be revolutionary, far from it in fact, and sonically, this is pretty simplistic stuff: Funky, sparse percussion laid over a 4/4 beat with an R&B vocal (by 90s singer Brandy) at the track’s centre. Concept doesn’t sound very interesting? Precisely! Done a hundred times before, especially recently? You got it! Blawan nonetheless manages to work Getting Me Down’s individual components to such great advantage that the end result is nothing short of phenomenal. And very, very effective.

Compared to the London producer’s recent Bohla EP, which was released earlier this year on R&S, we are treated to a slice of pure bliss basically bursting with good vibes that manages to present the listener with the perfect counterpoint to his aggressive, drum-focused material. Although different in its approach, the mission is the same, as Getting Me Down confirms that Blawan’s sole intention is to wreak havoc on the dancefloor.

You’re going to want to move your feet from the word Go, and thanks to a short intro, which teases you with the impending vocal straight away, you don’t have to wait too long before going mental. Still not convinced? Well, just listen to the damn track. Oh.. and try not to smile all the way through.

Getting Me Down is out now as a white label. Apparently it’s being repressed.

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