Breaking the Silence

It’s been a while since anything has happened here at FrozenSnares. I could think of about a million excuses to account for the prolonged absence – ranging from classics like ‘the dog ate my homework’ to the reasonable ‘I’m too busy with my offline life’ or the plain ludicrous ‘I was abducted to a utopian techno planet by extraterrestrials’ – but those excuses simply won’t do.

Sure, there’s a bit of truth in all of them: my boss’ dog is constantly chewing underneath my office desk, I have been increasingly busy with more haptic things, and that techno utopia might as well be Berghain. The harsh truth is, however, that I haven’t really felt like writing. Not for lack of ideas, or music and parties, but because of lacking motivation. I’m lazy.

Skimming over the last couple of posts – one from September, the other November… OUCH! – I feel like I let my very modest readership and, more importantly, myself down by making grant promises of future material. A little older and hardly any wiser, I am reluctant to make those same statements, bound to subsequent disappointments, again. What I am going to propose is this, however: I’m going to try to make more effort and do hope that something worth publishing on here will come of it.

So… you may or may not hear from me soon. Very vague, I know.

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